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Brad was featured on WCCO this morning

Brad was interviewed by Jamie Yuccas last week as part of WCCO’s segment, “Minnesotans to Meet” >> Watch and read the interview here


StarTribune Article: Wealth care for a healthy bottom line

Here is the StarTribune’s article by David Phelps on Brad and The Johnston Group.


Tide Still Coming In – Podcast

It looks to me like going forward and into the end of this year that we should have a healthy degree of optimism for the performance of equity prices although recognizing that there is always uncertainty. What gives me some encouragement is that German and European business confidence is up, China’s interest rates are down, […]


20th Anniversary Thank You Video

Here is the Thank You video we played during our 20th Anniversary celebration.


NY Times Article – “Before the Advice, Check the Adviser”

This article appeared in the NY Times on Sunday, October 12th, “Before the Advice, Check the Adviser”. As you read the article you should know we receive over 95% of our compensation in fees and are held to the fiduciary standard by the SEC mentioned in this article. We maintain the proper licenses so that […]


October Mid Elections & Cash

We are currently experiencing some volatility in the stock market that has been unseen for the previous few months; however, it is not an unanticipated event. No one can explicitly say when a correction or a sell-off will occur but it is clearly not unanticipated that given the rise of the markets in ’13 and […]


Market and Team Podcast


Bull And Bear Markets Podcast


Summer 2014 Podcast


Podcast: Q1 Better Earnings, Russia, & Rates